Beza And His Books

“Warmest greetings, my little books, my dear books,

My delights, my salvation.

Greetings, my Cicero, my Catullus, greetings!

Greetings, my Vergil, and you two Plinys;

My Cato, my Columella, my Varro, my Titus-Livy!

Greetings to you also, my Plautus and Terence,

And you ovid, Quintilian, Propertius, greetings!

And greetings to you, eloquent greeks, whom I should have put first,

Sophocles and Isocrates!

And greetings to you, whom popular favor gave a name.

And you, great Homer, greetings!

Greetings, Aristotle, Plato, and Timaeus!

And greetings to the rest of you, who aren’t permitted

To be included in the measures of my Phalaecean verses.

Finally, I greet all of you, my dear books,

A second and a third time, Greetings!”

– Manetsch, M. Scott. (2013). Calvin’s Company of Pastors. 198 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Oxford University Press.


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