25 quotes from Albert Mohler’s book – The Conviction To Lead


I’ve recently finished a fantastic leadership book by Al Mohler. Known as a leader of leaders, Mohler didn’t disappoint with this practical and transformative look at leadership through a biblical worldview. This needs to be labeled as a “must read” within the context of Christian leadership material. I would recommend it to all Christian men, as it covers a wide variety of areas that the Christian must be leading, and leading well. I’ve compiled 25 of my favorite quotes from the book below –

“The leadership that matters most is convictional –deeply convictional.”

“Without apology, the Christian leader is a devoted student and a life long learner.”

“The Christian leader stands out as one who has developed intellectual habits that are consistent with biblical truth.”

“Every Christian has the responsibility to develop a worldview that is authentically Christian, but leaders face that duty in a way that is even more urgent. We have to be faithful in the discipleship of the mind before we can expect faithfulness and maturity in those we lead.”

“We cannot buy passion, nor can we simply decide to be passionate. Passion must arise out of conviction. It cannot come any other way.”

“Our actions may never reach the heights of our thinking, but you can be certain that the quality of your actions will never exceed the quality of your thinking.”

“Every great leader is a great teacher, and the greatest leaders seize every opportunity to teach well.”

“Within the church, leadership falls on those whose light shines with integrity and power.”

“When you enter the room, trust and confidence had better enter with you. If not, leadership is not happening.”

“If opposition to your ideas and beliefs offends you, do not attempt to lead.”

“When you find a leader, you have found a reader. The reason for this is simple-there is no substitute for effective reading when it comes to developing and maintaining the intelligence necessary to lead.”

“Leaders read even when no one else seems to be reading.”

“Personality is important, but it will fall flat when conviction wanes or confidence is lacking.”

“Leaders who are unconcerned about structure will not lead for long. A good structure does not ensure success, but a bad structure can ensure failure.”

“No one is more boring than a speaker who has no convictions.”

“Out in the fog of modern culture, God has been transformed into a therapist, a benign and indulgent patriarch, and a user-friendly deity.”

“The sovereignty of God puts us in our place, and that place is in God’s service.”

“We will shipwreck our leadership id we do not remember that we are stewards, not lords, of all that we hold by trust.”

“Indecisiveness is one of history’s greatest leadership killers.”

“Get this straight-leaders will be humble, or they will be humbled.”

“Average leaders are satisfied to use average words in an average way. Effective leaders, those who aspire to lasting and extended influence, will learn to use words as arrows fired from a bow, carefully chosen and aimed in order to accomplish a purpose.”

“Leaders write because words matter and the written word matters longer and reaches farther than the words we speak.”

“We can be humbled by the limitations of time without gaining any real wisdom in terms of its stewardship.”

“Leadership is an endurance test that will demand the best of anyone.”

“The American ideal of retirement does not meet the Christian standard of faithfulness. For Christians the issue should be redeployment rather than retirement.”





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